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An architect shapes and brings functionality to any interior design, while a sculptor gives an artistic shape to a form. When architecture and sculpture had a new meaning with the effect of the Industrial Revolution in the 20th Century, the new terms “Architectural Sculpture” and “Sculptural Architecture” emerged. Advancing technologies made it possible for a sculptor to construct a location and for an architect to express themselves in art.

Hybridized Disciplines

So how have architects and sculptures become hybridized? Of course, when sculpture has been put into practice with an architectural character. Metropol Parasol in Sevilla, Spain, is an example of this. And the Statue of Liberty in New York is an example of the hybridization of these two disciplines. People can get inside the Statue of Liberty and use it as an accommodation. This monument also has an artistic and aesthetic concern as an example of modern interior design.

Signature of Cities

Collaboration between these two disciplines has resulted in significant buildings that have become the signatures of many cities—the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Opera House in Sydney, and Sagrada Familia in Spain. The hybridization of architecture and sculpture is not only today; we also see the same harmony in the ancient buildings such as the Egyptian Pyramids and the Aztec Temples. This hybridization has also positively affected the tourism industry. After the Guggenheim Museum Bilbao was opened in Spain, there was a significant increase in tourists visiting Bilbao.

Architects and Artists

Antoni Gaudi is an artist- sculptor architect. It is evident that his works have been influenced by the gothic style, interpreting the traditional aspects and the past with a modern point of view. His most well-known works, such as Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo, Casa Mila and Guell Park, aimed to analyze and present the colours, patterns, forms, and natural structurality. Among the works considered significant in terms of the history of art and architecture are those from artist-sculptor architects such as Lokorbozie and Frank Lloyd Wright.

Architecture and sculpture feed and continue providing each other with change and development and will undoubtedly continue changing and growing in every period. We also take a lot of inspiration from these buildings as art pieces and great architecture and interior design examples.