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Interior Design in Movies

Movies, which are the homeland of dreamed worlds, utopias, dystopias and surrealistic approaches based on two separate disciplines constantly feeding each other with the relation between cinema and space, give architects a chance of dreaming about projects that could never be thought of in a physical world. Let’s discuss Squid Game, a popular Korean series streamed on Netflix. This series takes the coldness of a high-ceiled, abandoned factory building into a completely different dimension through childhood objects, colours and preferences. The contrast achieved in this manner is surprising, unexpected and exciting. The feeling given by the space is in parallel with the story of the series. A merciless, yet childish game is played addressing our most basic instinct: Winning. The most important reason why this series has achieved great success throughout the world is the ambience it provides. And this ambience is achieved by the contrast discussed above. All the details and masks elegantly refer to the Korean culture.

Modern Interior Design & Futurism 

In addition, Blade Runner, a movie where a Romanesque Revival Style of an architect is used, has been a subject to many architectural theses and research projects. Blade Runner 2019, a dystopic movie, links us with a distant future making use of old buildings. Some places in the movie were produced by Weta Workshop as miniatures in New Zealand and the scenes therein were shot by cinematograph Alex Funke. While the spaces of a frightful future were architecturally brought into action, harsh lines, sharp details, dark and vintage locations were preferred. The architecture of the Great Budapest Hotel, a movie that has left a mark on both the minds and spirits of the audience, gains inspiration from a German-style called Jugendstil. Wes Anderson features characteristic colours and symmetry in the movie. Vivid and design objects offer the audience a visual treasure. Wes Anderson, who is also an architect, expresses himself by applying a modernist style to the design and making use of pop colours. The person who has the style that is closest to him in this area is Luis Barragán, a self-trained architect. The movie I’m A Cyborg But That’s Okay by Park Chan Wook is a great example to take a glance at in particular for the interior architecture used therein. The movie that was shown in the early 2000s sees the digitalization in our lives with a different pair of eyes. The movie that was shot in the early 2000s sees the digitalization in our lives from a different point of view. The ambience that appears in the movie corresponds to the naïve main characters. The subtle references hidden in details, and the buildings and interior spaces designed based on a dream of a surrealistic world trigger the creativity of both those who make these movies and those who watch these movies bringing them a whole new world. Lucky us that we have a chance of discovering new worlds in many modern interior designs, restaurant design F&B projects we carry out. 

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