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Basbug Automotive Open Office, was designed and built by YOO Architecture and the fixed furniture was produced by our sister company Arcoglobal, is located in an area of approximately 4200 m² with its terrace and cage.

What was wanted of us in this high-end office design?

Basbug Automotive, which was about to move to the open office system for the first time, wanted an innovative, colourful but tranquil design. In the venue, which was previously used as a warehouse with its high roof, a section where meeting spaces, dining halls, cafes, training and event venues could be organized was requested. Of course, there would also be an open office in this area, but there had to be a way to ensure privacy for senior employees. In interior design it is very important to understand the needs of people that are going to use the space.

What hardships did we encounter during this high-end office design?

Although the implementation process coincided with the global pandemic and prevented the new dad Tolga Albayrak and the entire team, a timely, high-quality delivery was made to Basbug Automotive. Another issue was the olive tree planted in the middle of the location. The 200-year-old olive tree planted there had to adapt to that area. However, the olive tree was yellowing and shedding its leaves during this adaptation period. Although this was expected by us, we have waited anxiously for it to recover. Fortunately, after the care efforts, the olive tree is now the star of the place with all its glory. As being an environmentally conscious interior design company, we always consider how nature and design blend together and come up with the best solutions.

What did we do?

In this process, the keywords of this high-end office design and fit out project were colour, youth, dynamism, comfort in terms of sound and light, and the inclusion of green into the space. We covered the four facades of the manager and director rooms by raising one step from the office spaces and opted for a fairly simple design language. The necessary privacy was provided thanks to the coloured foils used in the manager's rooms, which were completely separated from the office areas by using glass. The skylight, which is larger than 100 m² in the middle of the venue, was covered with foil to prevent solar glare. Shading was provided with the yellow baffle ceiling, which formed the main character of the place. Light grey colours were preferred for fixed and loose furniture and a young, high-energy space was created with colourful furniture placed around the 200-year-old olive tree. With the living olive tree, as well as the mummified plants hanging from the ceiling and the large green wall, we aimed to break the perception that the office is located in a closed area. We wanted the employees to feel like they are working in the nature. We eliminated the acoustic problems, which are usually the biggest problem in open offices, thanks to the carpet we used for the flooring and acoustic panels on the ceiling. What makes a high-end office design unique as well as functional is the careful assessment of needs, a vast knowledge of material and creative solutions for what may look like obstacles.