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Adana; with flamboyant streets, parks and city squares is a city, where luxurious brands find their home. When we started working for Beymen Adana, a high-end retail design project, we first thought about the dynamics of this unique city. The residents of Adana want to experience artsy, sparkling and colorful venues.

What did we want for this luxury store design?

Beymen Adana store was already very much loved by the residents of Adana as it was ingrained into the fabric of the city. While moving the store to its new location, we went for a different approach in terms of vision. We wanted the new Beymen Adana to be flashy and to make an impact so that people would not miss the old one. The new Beymen, which was located inside a shopping mall, was required to have a unique atmosphere in its new location, which is unlike the traditional visual concept of a mall. Although it was a single-storey mall, it was requested to use the three floors on the exterior structure to make a design that welcomes guests in. So, we carefully assessed the requirements of this high-end store and planned the process accordingly.

What hardships did we encounter during this high-end retail design?

The most difficult part in terms of design was the facade. Two of the four facades were inside the mall, the other two were 13 meters high and were visible from the outside. Aluminium composite panels consisting of 13 different modules created a remarkable view with the help of the light coming from behind within different size holes. On the interior facades, 10x10 cm entrances were made using marble. A dynamic outcome was obtained on the facades by placing hidden lighting at different heights for these entrances. Being well prepared and having a solution-oriented approach makes a luxury store design successful.

What did we do in this luxury retail design?

All the interior and exterior facades of the shopping mall, where the store was to be located, were covered with travertine. In order to reflect the spirit, elegance and ambitiousness of Beymen, which is one of the top high-end fashion stores, managed to completely disconnect the facade from the existing mall structure by preferring partially darker colors for both marble and aluminium composite panels. We can say that each Beymen store has its own unique DNA. So, we re-examined the furniture to make this store unique to Adana and meet the expectations of the target audience. So, starting this unique high-end retail design, we had prepared a variety of mock-ups firstly. The inner lighting, preference of material and even the empty spaces were designed to give a flashy, bright, and luxurious feel. At the same time, in principle, no visual interruption is allowed between product categories in Beymen stores. Therefore, for these sections in Beymen Adana store, we used semi-permeable separators in order to maintain a visual consistency. The integrity of the space in a luxury store design is what gives its unique flavour and we keep working to get the best.