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People of Izmir like high end habits such as luxury fashion. That’s why the former store of Beymen was one of the most important retail points in Izmir. When we started designing the new store, our first action was preserving the memories by using similar colors and patterns while making significant innovations according to the spirit of time.

İzmir and it’s high-end fashion stores

Izmir, the third biggest city of Turkey, has been effected by European culture throughout the history. The deep-rooted history and diverse population have made Izmir a unique spot and the city keeps developing more and more each day. While we are witnessing the opening of companies of different scales in many creative fields, we see that big brands and private schools are rapidly taking their place in the city, as well. Locations such as Urla are the source of remarkable initiatives in the field of art and gastronomy. In addition, luxury retail is one of the developing sectors so does high-end retail design. New residents of İzmir do not want to be separated from their beloved brands. That is what Beymen Hilltown is responding to. The brand, which has already been ingrained in the hearts of İzmir residents, comes to life in its new location, with a design that is much more suitable for the current store dynamics. We, as YOO Architecture, after Beymen Mersin which we completed the designing and implementation processes last year, we continue our luxury retail design projects with Beymen İzmir, Adana, Beymen Club İstanbul Airport, Metropol İstanbul Mall and Vadistanbul Mall.

Adapting to change with Beymen via luxury retail design

This is the project to move the existing Beymen İzmir Karşıyaka store to the ground floor of Hilltown Mall. For this luxury store design, which is about 1,500m², we aimed to differentiate the facade from the general appearance of the shopping mall as we did in other Beymen stores. The existing units in the store were moved to the new location as much as possible and reused with minor modifications. The brand will continue its domestic expansion in cooperation with YOO Architecture. In high-end retail design staying true to brand identity is as important as creating a brand new experience for the customers.