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Beymen, which has been raising the bar in the field of luxury retail in Turkey for nearly fifty years, is growing constantly with its new stores. The new Beymen store "Beymen Collection", which hosts its guests in a 1.210 square meters area in Metropol Istanbul Shopping Mall, also includes products of the brands such as Academia and Blender. Apart from all these, products of more than 90 Global Brands are also introduced to its customers.

What was requested from us in this high-end retail design?

Beymen, whom we worked with in many of their high-end fashion stores, reuested this store to have a unique soul, as in all their other projects. The brand's desire for this particular high-end store was to have a rather younger style compared to the other ones. It was expected that the spirit of Beymen would be reflected on the main street with the application to be made to the exterior facade of the mall. A Modern style, a young and dynamic approach and an atmosphere that made the brand's presence felt as soon as one sees it... that is what we needed to put together in this luxury store design.

What kind of hardships did we encounter during this luxury retail design?

We completed the design of the facade as a result of many mock-up trials, and this was the longest of all the processes. It was normal for us to devote the most amount of time to this issue, since it would be the facade that would create the most important impression of the identity of this high-end fashion store. After so many attempts, we found a way to create the feeling we sought after.

What did we do for this luxury store design?

As an interior design company with many years of experience in high-end retail design, firstly, we paid attention to ensure that all selected materials are dynamic and young. Therefore, for Beymen Metropol AVM, we used materials such as marble, mosaic, travertine, terrazzo and wood. In order for the facade to be noticed from the main street, we added a prominent soffit. We have made this area visible from the main street by making mesh on marble coating on the exterior and giving backlight to the metal filled parts. With its hidden lighting which reflects its brand identity, the facade caught the passers-by attention at first glance, creating a modern, remarkable, and diverse atmosphere. Due to the fact that this high-end fashion store, Beymen, was formed with the combination of 9 different stores with a higher floor to ceiling height, a construction on top of the catwalk and suspended roof was made, thus, it was ensured that access from the warehouse into the suspended ceiling is available, without making an intervention cover for the electrical and mechanical equipment. In this high-end store, which has a long facade, with the help of open and closed storefronts, we increased the wall surfaces as much as possible. We have also prepared mock-ups for flooring, furniture, and facade. The implementation process were carried out under the supervision of YOO Architecture. We achieved our goals regarding this luxury retail design project, as this high-end fashion store grabbed the attention of the guests, making both us and our client Beymen happy.