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Nowadays, data is used to update the design and make the customer experience flawless. In other words, by looking at the in-store camera footage, the way visitors tend to behave within the store is monitored and the usage of the space is differentiated accordingly. So how do we move forward after a new start from the very beginning?

Strategy Shaped by Data in High End Retail Design

The element that should be determined from the very beginning of luxury store design is strategy. Do you want your visitors to see other products while they are moving towards the product that they want to buy? Or do you want to combine aesthetics with functionality by creating geometric areas for different product categories, leaving your visitors to choose for themselves? According to research, while generation Z tends to create their own experience, generations X and Y fall into uncertainty about how to act if they are not directed within the store. People tend to move counterclockwise, which often leads stores to position the products they want to highlight on the right-hand side. Female visitors usually need more space in the store and if they need to go around huge piles of clothes just to try on the clothing that they picked, they just give up. Therefore, the strategy in this high-end retail design is picked entirely in connection with the target audience.

A High-End Fashion Store Project Inspired by Timelessness: Beymen Seasons

Beymen Seasons is a new concept of Beymen and also seasonal and off-season products are exhibited together in these stores. Exactly for this reason, while we have chosen to use the same materials for both the male and female sections of Beymen Vadi İstanbul, we have used different colours, because the reflexes of both target audiences were different. One of the keywords we had to remember while going forward with this luxury store design was "timeless." Because this store would display clothes for all seasons. One of the ways we have projected this within the space was to differentiate the mesh panels placed on the facade of the shopping mall in vertical and horizontal planes.

The Beymen store, which is located in Vadi İstanbul Mall with its two storeys and 4000 square meters interior area, opened its doors to its visitors in January 2020. We've focused on making the design simple with light colours so that visitors can focus on just the products in a store that houses a wide variety of different products. By creating a product-oriented customer experience, we aimed to ensure that the venue would only accompany their experience in the store. In high end retail design, we prioritize customer experience along with aesthetics and functionality.