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What was wanted of us in this modern interior design?

We were asked to create a project in which the residents would both feel at home but also have the privileges of a hotel room. Benesta, which has a luxurious, flashy, and quality design approach, asked us to make a design that do not compromise on freshness while also using dark colours. In addition, the venue was in the centre of Beyoğlu, İstanbul's centre of culture, art and lifestyle. It was desired for its inhabitants to feel close to all kinds of activities, but at the same time avoid chaos and more difficult than that, to connect with nature. In this modern interior design, for urban residents with busy schedules, common areas were asked to be designed where they can socialize and establish business contacts.

What kind of hardships did we encounter during this high-end contract?

Due to the fact that this modern interior design project, which gained momentum in March 2020, coincided with the pandemic outbreak, we had difficulty in project-field coordination. On the other hand, it was a difficult task to create an area which will make its habitants and their guests feel a sense of serenity while at the same time creating this area by merging smaller sections. We should have made the small spaces feel spacious and give the inhabitants a sense of calmness rather than the feeling of being trapped. So as an experienced interior design company in Turkey who knows how important the choice of material is, we favoured wood for our pick of construction material to create that atmosphere.

What did we do throughout this modern interior design process?

Beyoğlu Benesta project, which was mostly left to our preference in general, is mainly consisted of 1 bedroom flats. The ambitious touches made on the small spaces in square meters to be spacious and useful, led to a remarkable design. For this high-end contract, we made plan analysis and material selections within this framework. We have adopted a modern interior design approach. For this project, we attached great importance to create green spaces and avoid detaching the residents of Banesta from the nature. In addition, with the landscaping on the terrace, we have created a garden with the view of the city, where they will find peace while offering them spacious common areas. We wanted Benesta’s modern interior design to have an overall holistic, attention-grabbing, flamboyant, and peaceful feel. It was important to reflect the same design language on everywhere. None of the places should not be disconnected from each other. Residents of Banesta should feel the same atmosphere as they wander through these areas. For this purpose, we have given importance to the harmony of material associations with effective spatial analyses. In this particular modern interior design project, the corridors were kept remarkable just like hotel corridors rather than residential ones, and this was provided with material choices and details. The pool volume, which is a narrow and low space, was provided without compromising the necessary thermal comfort by taking mechanical channels to the parking lot and making the necessary suction and blowing through the walls. With the remarkable design of social spaces, lobbies, and floor halls we aimed to make Banesta Beyoğlu different from a housing project, offering its residents an extraordinary living experience. All wall cladding and flooring material samples for the project were prepared by YOO Architecture. In this high-end contract, the implementation process was also conducted under our supervision.