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We are proud of the architecture firm of Zuma. All the way it was an exciting process for us. This collaboration has brought us today building Bodrum branch with the same spirit and another level of energy. YOO Architecture has many cafes for various general contractors and luxury restaurant fit-out concepts from İstanbul to Washington DC. Our new project with Zuma has been a part of our experience with honour. In İstanbul, Zuma has been one of our high-end restaurant fit-out projects and most known high-end restaurants for years. One of the most important fit-out case of YOO Architecture is Zuma Bodrum.

High-End Restaurant Fit-Out Inspired by Istanbul

Zuma is almost a city brand for İstanbul, and from now, this energy and legacy is being transferred to Bodrum. In time, the sense of high-end restaurant fit-out has changed. We had to renovate something about this unique place, so we went innovator approach for details while protecting the ambience. Almost refurbished luxury restaurant adapted to its location with its new stance. With the magnificent environment of Bodrum, it is now much more modern with the new general contractor, suitable for locally inspired by our projects in Istanbul. The guests feel the same as they feel in İstanbul but with a few differences due to our high-end restaurant fit-out design. We created Zuma Bodrum by collaborating as a team with Studio Glitt. The new mock-ups applied to the general contractor are seaworthy and sunproof furniture placed in the marina's eye-catching place.

Favourite Restaurant Spot In Bodrum

We have created new ones alongside what was built in Bodrum Zuma, the infinity pool, the mini pier, which are essential elements of a luxury seaside restaurant. On the other hand, as YOO Architecture, the space offers customers a unique experience with the pergola system we set up to protect our customers from the sun. In addition to those, we made architectural renovation within the context of the general contractor.

Japanese Design Studio in High-End Restaurant Fit-Out

A well-known Japanese design studio, Studio Glitt, created loose furniture and architectural organisation for Bodrum spot. Portable furniture is part of the general contractor, and we have adapted to the local ambience. Eventually we have created a modern place, a luxury restaurant fit-out for our customers enjoying their visit to Zuma Bodrum in summer.

What did we for the general contractor?

We have made changes to our solutions of interior design, outdoor furniture, mock-up to furniture, systems and architectural adaptations for our customers to present an excellent experience. To enjoy a fine dining experience you can visit Bodrum Zuma with large-open space of 2600 sqm area, located in Muğla, Bodrum.