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Why is refurbishment necessary?

From the general contractor process to the fit-out stage, each building has its own narrative to tell. But in time, that story needs to be updated. With modern interior design, a refurbishment breathes new life into the space and gives it a new sense of purpose. The term "refurbishment" is used interchangeably with "restoration" and "renovation" to describe the process of improving a space by decorating, re-equipping, and cleaning it. Refurbishment is prompted by recent improvements in modern interior design as well as changes in eating and drinking habits. Refurbishment, in general terms, is the cosmetic aspect of projects involving considerable repair and modernization. Most importantly, effective refurbishment applies are crucial to extending the lifecycle of the building.

High-End Restaurant Design

It's just as important where you eat as it is what you eat. Because every restaurant is unique, not only technically and structurally, but also in terms of setting, the best way to renovation is to use modern interior design. In high-end restaurant design, an architecture firm and a general contractor collaborate due to the unique circumstances. Things to consider in this process are; concept and location of the restaurant, which type of services they use…etc. With refurbishing, you may reduce the harm of worn pieces and get rid of the old school interior design. For a luxury restaurant fit-out, getting all materials from trusted suppliers is critical at this time while delivering new furnishings.

YOO Architecture and Refurbishment

We believe that if a restaurant creates the right atmosphere, it will attract a large number of loyal customers. Efficient restaurant refurbishment without detailed plans could backfire on the client, architecture firms, and general contractor. This is why, prior to the application process, we must observe the essence of the space and make detailed plans. Following that, we will provide our customers with design, manufacturing and restaurant installation equipment and furniture. As an example, in Zuma Bodrum, we have worked together with a Japanese design studio called Studio Glitt. We prioritize Zuma Bodrum’s location, concept and usage of the space. During this time, all appropriate materials and furniture were chosen while keeping the space's soul in mind. Zuma has been refurbished and has taken a new stance in relation to its surroundings. It is now much more modern with the new general contractor, suitable for locally inspired by our projects in Istanbul, with the magnificent environment of Bodrum. 

You can check out our Zuma Bodrum project by clicking here: