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D.ream, which is an entertainment and restaurant company, belonging to Doğuş Group, decided to move to an office that thoroughly reflect the spirit of the business they have been conducting and provoke the imagination of its employees asked us to design 9000 square meters area in Besiktas. It was to be a flexible working environment where employees could socialize and interact and also be very much in line with contemporary and high-end office design trends. It had to provide an office place where the employees would feel free and be inspired by it, and also have a food court and a recreational space. It also had to be innovative and unconventional and radically differentiated from the depressing cold and harshness of the usual open space plaza offices with its unnatural bright white fluorescent lights. It had to be a living and thriving workplace designed for highly mobile employees in need of different working models.

Living The Dream in A High-End Office Design 

Would it be possible to design an office where the employees are encouraged to dream productively and be motivated to do even better every day, rather than merely “working”? As an experienced interior design company, one of our priorities is the needs of the people who are going to use the space. So, we started with the concept of giving the employees the feeling of being “outside” instead of being trapped “inside”. We thrived to create a “street environment” for the large part of this working place. Therefore, the signs in the D.ream were designed after the street signs. Some of the lighting elements were also derived from the streetlamps. The sunlight lightings were crucial to catch the free and inspiring setting. With its cafés, restaurants and social recreational spaces D.ream has become a living space far beyond an office.

To Create an Unique Atmosphere in A High-End Office Design

In interior design to create a space that has an identity is as important as functionality. Having that in mind, an industrial style has been preferred to break away from the common office atmosphere. It has been supported with the intentionally undisguised lighting cables, metal ventilation pipes and concrete. Furthermore, the brick walls, high ceiling, and interconnecting spaces give the employees and visitors a feeling of being in a loft. Consequently, the employees can feel a sense of working in a private and privileged workplace, or even in their own workshops.

The concrete texture, high ceilings, the gallery space below the skylight have helped us tremendously in creating a space to be inspired and the dream for the 300 employees working at D.ream. The design involving the recycled materials gave the place a younger and innovative character. With the installation of the foyer and the transparent offices, D.ream has become the “outside” space that initially inspired us at the beginning. Furthermore, the use of antique woodwork, aged bricks, metal and concrete hybrids, and the paradigm-shifting furniture have finally completed the place’s unique persona. The materials collected from the antique shops gave the space a timeless feeling. The seats once used in a movie theatre in 1930’s London were installed in the reception hall of the D.ream. We also sought to achieve the top level of comfort for the employees when designing the ventilation, heating, and lighting. This whole process of careful consideration of each and every detail is how you create an unique, authentic and functional atmosphere in a high-end office design.

A High-End Office Design Came to Life 

To sum up; after 240 days, we have finalised the project with 720 team-mates that could organise 2 NBA league and 144.000 man/hour working performance that located in Besiktas Buyukhanli Plaza. D.ream includes many recreational areas such as restaurants, a culinary school and social spaces. At least 300 employees come up with new dreams every day in these areas. And as an interior design company we dream, and we dream big! After all, is there a better way to change the world than dreaming?