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Chakra, which is a 100% Turkish brand, was established in 2005 aiming to bring the positive energy of naturality to homes, especially private living spaces such as bathrooms and bedrooms. The brand's bamboo-oriented collections combine human-texture interactions with positive life energy. A modest taste, lucid ambience and the serenity that draws you in, are among the main elements that make up Chakra. Chakra, one of the leading brands in the home-bathroom textile and personal care sector, is rising rapidly among other popular brands with both its products and the store concept. In this retail design project, we have worked diligently to implement the same brand concept style around the world and to maintain the consistency of this brand’s perception. For Chakra, we designed and inspected the Al-Noor Mall,Medina store which was the first of its four stores to be opened in Saudi Arabia with an approximately 150 m² area and its branches on Bağdat Street.

What was requested from us for this retail design?

Chakra wanted to create bright spaces suitable for its own product range and emphasize the use of natural materials. As an interior design company, we wanted the guests to feel the positive vibes and also to have the sense that they were stepping into accessible luxury when they stepped inside the store. Thus, for this store design, a quality and warm atmosphere was created. For both projects, the keywords were difference, environmental adaptation, sensitive materials, bright spaces and point of attraction.

What did we do throughout this store design?

At the start of this retail design project, the protection of Chakra's brand identity was one of our most important priorities. We chose to implement a modern and luxury casual approach. "Nature", the new luxury of our time, has come to life with natural materials in stores. One of the reasons for this was that the brand also preferred natural materials in its products. Therefore, in this store design our goal was to create the "World of Chakra". We wanted to provide the brand’s guests an atmosphere where they can feel relaxation and serenity in this world of Chakra. By conducting daylight analyses, we have identified transparent and opaque surfaces on the facades. Stone, wood, and intensive plant use was preferred to reflect the brand’s spirit. We preferred to use rough wall paint, facade lathes and cortens. In both projects, mock-ups of all display units were checked. During the surveying process, we also took on the task of checking whether the application was proceeding in accordance with the design. This way, we achieved our dream come true on each and every step of the way. As an architecture firm with vast experience in retail design, we know that dreams can come true, and we are proud to prove this in all our projects.