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A Co-working Space Design the Venue That Changed the Understanding of Doing Work on the Anatolian Side of İstanbul: Kolektif House

Kolektif House, one of the leading brands of the new generation office concept in Turkey, is the main attraction of the start-up ecosystem, which has been growing in number in recent years. The brand's other target audience is freelancers, who often work in creativity or technology. The reason why the co-working spaces that we see so many examples in the world are so attractive is the sense of community it offers to its residents with the networking environment it provides.

A Co-working Space Design: Kolektif House Ataşehir

Kolektif House, with its social facilities, meeting rooms prepared for common use, offices, rentable tables, is the choice especially for new ventures. This innovative office concept, which is in great demand in locations such as Levent and Beyoğlu, is now also available on the Anatolian side as Kolektif House Ataşehir.

Common and Independent Areas in a Co-working Space Design

The office design of Kolektif House Ataşehir was made by YOO Architecture. The venue serves about 700 people, including those who rent tables called "travellers." With the warm atmosphere of the courtyards and common areas in it, we wanted to provide the people of Kolektif House some common areas where guests could connect with each other. In addition to rentable offices and common areas, we have planned a special event space for 110 people with an independent entrance and office space for 700 people. In this high-end office design project consisting of two floors, we gathered general common areas and meeting rooms on each floor in the central location and added small time out points between the office spaces. We provided the connection between the floors with a gallery spaced staircase connecting the common spaces.

A Dynamic, Active and Friendly Modern Interior Design

We created a dynamic, active, and friendly atmosphere with the furniture, colours, plants, and the materials we used in this high-end office design project. In common areas and corridors, we chose the open ceiling system to relieve the effect of large channels due to high capacity. We integrated the open ceilings into the design through the use of coloured ducts, decorative lighting and plants. As floor material, we preferred wood in order to create a warm impact in common areas, and in the corridors, we preferred palladiana, which is a material that corresponds with the identity of The Kolektif House. The working culture, which was redefined after the pandemic, will soon re-shape the common working areas, as well. Although, people will continue to connect with each other using these places maybe in a more hygienic way. And we, as an interior design company, will keep adapting to changes and be at our best to create high-end office designs that will fit the new needs and demands.