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Design, implementation and construction stages of the 1120 square meter “D Maris Bay Lobby Marmaris project” were undertaken by YOO Architecture and coordination between numerous parties was achieved.

Creating Welcoming Atmosphere in A High-End Hotel Design

When you arrive at the hotel at the end of a pleasant journey, you will encounter pleasant details from the lobby entrance. Bright travertine coatings on the floor are remarkable as you walk excitedly towards the landscape you are curious about among the objects, accessories and stylish lighting used in decoration. You will have pleasant moments on the lobby terrace, and you will feel the architectural impact. As an interior design company with many years of experience that is something, we prioritize in a high-end hotel design.

Lobby and Terrace: Two Common Spaces That Highlight A Luxury Hotel Design

In our Lounge and Lobby Terrace project during the implementation process, steel construction pergola system, aluminium painted exterior roof coating and wood-like light aluminium ceiling coverings were used so that a stylish appearance was obtained. In the remarkable bar section of the terrace, white blasting stone was applied on the front panel. Blasting stone is a coating stone that are obtained by breaking down the natural stones with special machines. On the countertop, patina to marble with dark natural and original patterns was used. Patinato is made using stainless steel wire brushes, which are preferred for the hardest surfaces. Behind the bar, oak-clad shelves and colourful bottles appeal to the eyes when illuminated. The choice of material is one of the things that gives the space its unique flavour in interior design so in a high-end hotel fit out we do a thorough research and pick the ones that fit impeccably.

Working with Already Existing Material in High End Hotel Fit Out

Revisions of the existing teak cladding decks on the terrace floor and the new deck system built in addition to these platforms have maintained their compatibility. The necessary revisions were made to the terrace pool and additional integration of the mozules was achieved. Some of the marble columns available in the lobby have been revised and they were carefully dismantled with meticulous work. Although the mine that the current marble was obtained from was closed and it was difficult to procure it, we were able to complete the project in due time. It is very important to be able to overcome obstacles and come up with solutions in a luxury hotel design.

The Final Touches of A Luxury Hotel Design and Fit Out

After the fabric and colour selections in the waiting areas and seating groups, the products were placed in the lobby and terrace sections. Among these products, natural wood middle stands, tables, coffee tables, white marbles look very compatible with each other and stylish. Marble was used on the coffee tables with the old brass-frames inside the lobby. Lobby floor carpets are specially designed to fit the decoration as a result of fine workmanship and labour. Earthenware pots and bronze-plated pots in various colours used in the landscaping are very compatible with the general architectural practices in the lounge and lobby terrace and have created the desired effect. In architectural application, our high-end hotel design and luxury hotel fit out project was completed primarily by ensuring the satisfaction of hotel management, staff and incoming customers. As an architecture firm that completed a vast number of luxury interior design projects, we always keep our enthusiasm alive and look forward to the next one.

Authors: Tolga Albayrak, Kerem Yanık