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What are the key elements shaping the gastronomy experience? Ingredients? Cooking technique? Every step of the tasting menu? Yes, it all affects the taste of the food you eat in a restaurant. But when we look at the big picture, architecture and interior design are among the elements that shape it as an experience.

The Impact of Interior Design on Eating Experience

It is ideal that 60% of the restaurant is dedicated to the dining experience and 40% to other utilities such as kitchens and toilets. In addition, it serves as a guide for the use of lighting and how guests will use the space. For example, in a luxury restaurant design, when you correctly illuminate the space from the tables to the bar, you naturally direct the guests to have a drink after they eat. The colour used in the venue affects a fundamental and important issue, that is, how fast the guests will eat their food. This is directly linked to the restaurant's marketing strategy. As for acoustics, how to manage sound insulation is vital so that guests feel an ambience around them but are not subjected to strenuous noise. When it comes to furniture preference, the convenience of chairs is directly linked to how much time your guests spend in your venue. And the scent, of course! A correct scent marketing can increase your sales by 300%. In addition, scent increases the length of time your guests spend in the restaurant by 15.9%. So, a high-end restaurant design blends all these elements and create a unique dining experience for the customers.

A Luxury Restaurant Design Creating A New Perception Space: D Maris Kitchen

With all this information and much more, we started the Maris Kitchen, which is a high-end restaurant design and fit out project and the delicacy stop of D Maris Bay. The venue welcomes its guests in a relaxed outdoors atmosphere, with its decoration in the concept of a "Lounge" on The Bay beach. It offers a rich service with a wide scale from Turkish to international cuisine. We refurbished the area, which was previously known as “Rüya Restaurant”, and recommissioned it as Maris Kitchen. In this luxury restaurant design project, which the design and implementation stages are carried out by YOO Architecture, we have created a tropical and comfortable space with the materials we used by furniture revisions and newly added accessory details. Thanks to the replacement and covering of the white wooden deck and white columns on the floor with natural wood material, as well as the covering of the pergola with eaves, we renewed the perception of the place by playing around with materials and colours. We gave a natural appearance with the use of worn wood material. We revised and re-used most of the furniture of the Rüya restaurant by painting and changing the coatings. We used new wooden outdoor furniture in the bar lounge area. New wicker lighting, pillows in green and orange colours and terracotta pots have completed the overall concept. In our high-end restaurant design projects such as D Maris Kitchen, we carefully examine the already existing materials and if possible, re-use them along with the individually picked new materials, not only to create a fresh space with a unique identity but also to avoid waste and promote the use of recycled materials.