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As the digital age advanced rapidly, the reality of the pandemic accelerated the process. As the shares of technology companies increased in value, digitization has become a necessity for all institutions, regardless of their field of work. As a natural result of this, the number of technology companies in Turkey has increased. Doğuş Group, one of Turkey's leading companies, also set out to bring together its own technology and tourism companies under the same roof. However, the structure that would bring them together was supposed to allow them to both work together but also allow them to find independent areas to breathe on their own. This high-end office design should also design experiences that would create a synergy between different teams while providing a collaborative workspace experience. But how?

A High-End Office Fit Out Which is the Meeting Point of Technology and Tourism Companies: D Office

Doğuş Holding, home of nearly 250 companies and over 40,000 employees, has positioned its new building in Maslak, the financial centre preferred by many important companies. Covering an area of 4,500 square meters, this location houses both technology and tourism companies. We undertook the implementation of D Office under the moniker “Fine Works”.

How Did the Interior Design Process Go?

We set out with an approach of a privileged and intelligent office. Was it possible to create a high-end office fit out project that invited its employees to play and promised them living spaces? D Office would be a living space as well as a workspace. With its cafe, dining area offering alternatives, playgrounds and much more. Spaces created with the open office design approach consist of workspaces, meeting venues and private areas. In addition, the second basement includes social areas where D Office residents can spend time together. When it comes to high-end office design it is very important to consider the needs of the people that are going to use the space.

A High-End Office Fit Out That is Both Separate and Together at The Same Time

Separating structures used between workspaces and personal areas allowed the formation of semi-permeable and permeable spaces. This way, while keeping the spaces connected to one another, the necessary feeling of isolation was also provided.

The Sound Control Aspect of Interior Design

Gathering so many different companies under the same roof, it was also important to allow people to concentrate while giving them freedom. And this could only be done by sound control. In the offices, acoustic panels were placed inside the cassette furnishings on the ceiling to improve acoustic quality and ensure sound insulation, and carpets were used to more absorb the sounds reflecting from the floors. In the wall layers, sound absorbing boards were preferred which would provide maximum insulation. This way we were able to provide a sound-controlled environment in this high-end office fit out project. The 5th floor, which will be made available for the use of Antur Tourism, was delivered in 75 days and the technology floors were delivered in 90 days.