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The Arkın group contacted leading architecture firms in Turkey for their investment in Cyprus for turning the newly constructed buildings into a notable Casino Hotel that fits their expectations. In the light of our previous project references, they chose us to undertake this project.

From the Brief to The Ideas – The Spark of Creativity

The challenge was that the hotel that our client took over faced problems in functionality in interior design and façade. Our client required a more unified design language that addresses both the casino and the resort clientele. To achieve this, we took on a dualistic approach combining nature and art. This approach will be part of the experience of the whole of the design, from the first moment of seeing the building by using natural materials for the façade and combining the landscape design for the interior courtyards, terraces and beachfront. Many artworks were used, in sync with the duality approach in a combination of classical and digital artworks throughout the venue in both interior and exterior areas, creating a modern interior design.

Structural and Fit Out Challenges for Large Venues 

For the casino and hotel interior decoration, while keeping our focus on art, nature and of course the experiences of people in and outside the buildings, we are coordinating the design process with DS Architecture for the landscaping design and application. Some of the difficulties arising in the process include structural challenges and big differences in the project surveys. We aim to overcome these difficulties with our unified design language and detailed planning before the final applications. Our mockup works for the façade are continuing while sourcing all the materials for cladding. During the project process, separators, acoustic panels for the walls and furniture mockups will also be made.

First Impression Is the Last Impression

As YOO Architecture, we believe in a strong first impression. To create an impactful experience the moment a person enters the venue, we have highlighted the façade and lobby areas. Considering the materials used, artworks displayed and the user experience once a person enters the lobby, we believe that the contemporary and unique approach to the luxury interior design, the first impression will be memorable. Read more about us as the fit-out contractor for hospitality projects in the link: