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Keeping Pace With Gen Z

Gen Z is the name given to a generation born between 1995 and 2012. They form 20% of the society of today. They are known for their creativity, free-spiritedness, tech-savviness, and open-minded personalities. They might be confusing sometimes because of their lifestyles and habits, but it is crucial to understand them because they are the new potential consumers since they now begin entering the workforce and earn their own money. Moreover, the future will be shaped by their passions and desires.

Where Gen Z wants to work?

There are five principles to their identity; their lifestyle in five words is flexibility, convenience, authenticity, choice, and integration; concordantly, each principle aims to retain their creativity in workspaces. Flexibility is probably the most crucial principle. It is the definition of time and availability. Co-working places that comply with those principles are catchy for them.

Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z works hard while enjoying life, and the same fluidity that characterizes their identification influence where they want to work. Moreover, according to research, leaving home and going to a different workplace is another source of motivation. In a similar manner, they mostly prefer face-to-face interaction to online, in a co-working office space.

Hierarchy, bureaucracy, extra expenditures are not even their cup of tea. Co-working spaces that support work-life balance are a priority for them, as they are intolerant to work too much. They tend to rent offices only they need, make employees feel at home, have standing meeting rooms, and coffee spots to able to create networks.

Co-Working Office Design

Gen Z aims to make difference. Thus, eco-friendly and co-working design is a priority. They care about dustbins for various waste types, open floor layouts, combining elements like quiet venues and private booths, maximizing productivity, working together and have sustainable recycled furniture in co-working office fit-out are vital for prioritizing work-life for Gen Z.

For longer processes, working alone at home is boring for them. Comfortable areas where they can easily socialize, with breakout spaces, high-quality desks, chairs, and desktop set-ups improve flexibility in the co-working space. Kolektif House Maslak, inspired by the eternal sky is suitable for meetings in the open area during summer and cozy events during winter. It is not just an office; it is an event spot, a creative place full of network opportunities to improve employees.

YOO Architecture is the general contractor of Kolektif House Maslak and is ready for work with co-working space options, sustainable and free-spirited design for Gen Z. Take a look: