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“I choose a block of marble and chop off whatever I don't need.” is what Auguste Rodin said about his sculpting. Similarly, we can say that “we solve problems one by one and are left with a perfect store in the end.” We think this is the best way we can define the Bvlgari, a high-end retail fit out project, that we carried out at İstanbul Airport.

A Luxury Retail Fit Out Project at İstanbul Airport: Bvlgari

The team from our sister company Arcoglobal, which we support as YOO Architecture, realized this luxury fit out project that complied with the regulations of the airport and also corresponded to the spirit of the Bvlgari brand. This luxury shop fit out project, which was implemented at the airport using an area of 115 m2, proceeded in accordance with the global standards of the brand. We intended this project to be our crown jewel at İstanbul Airport, rather than a store. Offering a luxurious experience, we created spacious areas for our guests inside the store. While it was a race against time for us, we also managed to use the budget in the most effective manner which is one of the elements that makes a luxury fit out a success.

A High-End Retail Fit Out That Makes Us Feel Proud

As both YOO Architecture and Arcoglobal, the customer feedback we receive after numerous projects we have overcome around the world signals us that we are on the right track. This message sent to Argoglobal from the brand after the completion of the Bvlgari luxury shop fit out project made us proud and motivated us. We hope and wish to turn more dreams into reality, by means of interior design, in different parts of the world in the coming years!