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How will architecture change as a result of climate change?

What is climate change, and what is its correlation with architecture?

Let us be clear about one thing before we begin. It's true, and it's happening right now! Aside from that, this is the situation we are in which means that the entire world must take this global problem seriously and accept what needs to be done about climate change. With the food we eat, the clothes we wear, the materials we use and every moment in life, we can change and stop climate change. It is critical to act, and at this point, the architecture of the future could serve as a starting point.

Sustainable Architecture in High-End Office Fit-Out

As an architecture firm and general contractor in Turkey, we care about an architectural perspective that suits the spirit of the time. Buildings that we believe are compatible with the dynamics of the circular economy and living organisms pique our interest. In addition to this, unfortunately, we continually encounter natural disasters as a natural consequence of climate change. Therefore, structures built today should also be resistant to these types of disasters. We believe architectures should create a change more than installing solar panels. Change should be incorporated into every stage of the high-end office fit-out. Decreasing cement production, non-eco-friendly materials in structures make this transformation a meaningful process. Because of technological advancements, design has gained a new vision based on minimizing the use of energy and carbon, as well as making products more affordable and accessible. The majority of ideas that change the future come from offices, so differences in high-end office fit-out take this sustainable architecture a step further. As far as we can tell, zero-energy design is not far off.

Future of Sustainable Design and FNN Sustainability Center Adana 

YOO Architecture contributes by designing buildings that are future-ready. Unlike the general mindset, we are aware of sustainable architecture; however, FNN Sustainability Center Adana is a foreshadowing of future architecture. It is a multi-purpose facility that includes an archive department, a museum, offices, meeting rooms, and a conference hall.

Climatized pools and interior gardens are powered by wrought-iron frames at the building's apex, which block direct sunlight. To connect with nature, a green courtyard surrounds the offices and showrooms. The FNN Sustainability Center is in charge of landscape area uses plant selection, lighting design, and photovoltaic panels which generate 45 percent of the energy used in the center. All architectural solutions that place nature at the center and accept people as a part of it are a preventative measure against the climate crisis crossing a critical threshold. It is still possible to contribute to the world and nature through architecture. To learn more about the project, click here: