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Why is colour important in retail design?

Close your eyes and try to imagine the summer and lemon trees, let the the lightest yellow and brightest blue make you think of summer. Design conveys information about the brand's mission and personality. As previously stated, what customers see should be consistent with the brand's spirit. Sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness are the five core dimensions of retail design. The interior design company often crosses between two different traits but mostly chooses one. Products reflect the brand, so does store design. Images, lights, and products are essential in the context of store design, and the interior design company in charge creates appropriate aspects to store design and branding based on that. Choosing the appropriate color for the brand reflects the brand's personality; the spirit to retail design approach is also important.

What are colour’s meanings on store design?

Every color has a meaning in retail design, and it influences our perceptions and behaviors. Researchers discovered that up to 90% of product decisions can be made based solely on color.
The primary color scheme of retail design is determined by tone, value, time, age, and energy. The most popular colors are blue, red, black, and white, but the best option is not always trendy. For example, while blue represents knowledge, tranquillity, security, and trust, orange represents fun, energy, liveliness, and invigoration.

Orange Bed & Bath and YOO Architecture

We designed Orange Bed&Bath as the interior design company. With our store design, we hoped to make customers feel at ease and comfortable. The energy and warmth of orange aided us in creating an ideal environment. The color orange is commonly used in the construction industry. To eliminate this feeling, natural materials and bright colors were used, and spaces were created where guests could experience the products. All in all, products and branding became more comprehensive and target-driven due to YOO Architecture’s design. Orange Bed&Bath will be placed in 2021 in Jeddah with YOO Architecture design. To learn more about the project, click here: