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A kitchen of a luxury restaurant takes an important place in the modern restaurant design. Known for its large kitchen volume in Turkey, the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum is one of the leading brands in this area. Lucca by the Sea takes place at the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum to meet the hotel’s need for the Mediterranean cuisine. The restaurant, designed by YOO Architecture, was built 570 sqm area with a stunning concept that could be considered extraordinary for a luxury restaurant decoration. The brand identity and spirit of Lucca that has been well known for many years, and the Mediterranean cuisine were the source of inspiration for the stunning design of Lucca by the Sea. As an extension of the spirit of Lucca in Istanbul, the restaurant is a warm summer location with a more flexible design characteristic. Affected by the unique atmosphere in Bodrum, the restaurant offers a great view in touch with the sea and Bodrum on its outdoor areas located at the seaside.

Restaurant Interior Design Inspiration from the Sea

The Mediterranean cuisine and, the design that focuses on wooden materials have become supplementary to one another. Light-coloured wooden materials were preferred on the floor coverings, at the bar and, for the tables and lighting cages, and created a wooden look dominating the entire area of the restaurant. Stones with a natural surface were used to highlight and, bring a difference to this atmosphere. Almost all the furniture are manufactured of wooden materials. Thus, the location was adapted to the summer concept, making guests feel comfortable and dynamic being on the seaside. Although different materials are used in various seating areas, one could feel the main concept at the restaurant. The lighting accessories reveal this relationship for the restaurant design that is the fusion of retro and modern architecture. Receiving all the sunlight in the morning and, lightened by the moonlight during the night, the location uses the daylight lighting accessories wrapped up straw cages representing the Mediterranean spirit, and the retro effect is achieved by neon lighting accessories that a guest would see from time to time. It is possible to see a colourful neon lighting accessory in a flowerpot or fireplace.

Restaurant Decoration Combining the Sky with the Sea

Space usage has been one of the areas deeply thought about to make the guests feel comfortable. Solutions such as small wooden boxes were preferred instead of high and wide separators, and a pergola system was used within the location. A semipermeable shading system, and the veils swayed by the wind are used to make the guests consider the restaurant, the sky and the sea are an inseparable whole. The bar area and the restaurant area, each with a different dynamic, are designed as the continuation of one another reflecting the spirit of Lucca. To get more information about Lucca by the Sea with a concept, location and design that attract attention doubling the joy of witnessing the sunset on the beach: link