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Kurochan Philosophy

Japanese cuisine and Bodrum and fine-dining… These concepts as the components of the different cultures that are far away from one another have been synthesized by Kurochan by IOKI. Kurochan operated by IOKI took its place at Mandarin Oriental Bodrum as the contemporary fine-dining version of the centuries old heritage of the Japanese cuisine. Just like we did at the other projects we had carried out at Mandarin Oriental Bodrum, we have created different and special concepts for Kurochan making use of its unique geographical location. With its high-end restaurant design, dining areas in touch with nature, open cuisine, and bar surrounded by an impressive view, Kurochan by IOKI serves in an area of 890 m2. Located at the coast of Bodrum, designed and constructed by us interpreting the traditional culture in line with the today’s requirements, “Kurochan by IOKI” is one of the elect examples in Turkey particularly in terms of fine-dining restaurant interior architecture design.

What is the Impact of the Japanese Culture on the Design of a Luxury Restaurant?

The concept we came up with making use of the patterns inspired from the “Edo era” that takes an important place in the history of Japan and that lasted about 200 years has allowed us to integrate the restaurant design with the brand identity. We based the restaurant design on the reflection of the traditional Japanese culture on the foods prepared in the kitchen of Kurochan. In this location where one could deeply feel the history and culture of Japan, but which has also a modern appearance, most of the design elements have been manufactured specially for Kurochan by IOKI. To ensure that the guests feel happy and satisfied after leaving the restaurant, we have had special furniture manufactured suitable for the location and the concept thereof being inspired from the simplicity of the Japanese culture. We have strengthened the depth perception in the location through the shadows that we created making use of the elevation differences at the area transitions, and thus created such areas with the use of efficient lighting, where the guests would want to sit for long hours. We have created a transitive and fluent design foundation through the seating order at the tables, the furniture specially manufactured for Kurochan by IOKI, and the landscape felt everywhere in the location. The guests should feel free to experience the new tastes accompanied with the dynamic design of the bar and a great view at this location consisting of two elevations. Besides, one could enjoy their time in the dining areas for long hours experiencing the modern menu of the Japanese cuisine in the harmony between stone and wood.

Flexible Use of the Location depending on Weather Conditions

Compared to the other restaurants in Bodrum, Kurochan by IOKI has been designed in a way that makes it possible for the guests to visit it even in chilly weathers thanks to the location that is collapsible upon request. An inclusive approach of the concept in terms of seasonal variation, it is possible to visit Kurochan by IOKI during different seasons, which is a different concept in the field of luxury restaurant design. For further information about Kurochan, where you could have a great fine-dining experience: