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We at YOO Architecture, are proud of being the architecture firm and interior design office that has undertaken the construction and design of the first summer location of Hakkasan, a worldwide known chain of luxury restaurants, modernizing and introducing the Chinese cuisine. Hakkasan is getting ready for taking its place at Mandarin Oriental, one of the most eye-catching locations in Bodrum. YOO Architecture has constructed this restaurant, which will be located in an area of 810 m2 at the seaside, and as the architectural designer, created a summer location prototype for Hakkasan in cooperation with Campbell House, a London-based company. During the creation of this location as a first for Hakkasan, we have worked together with the brand’s representatives and reflected the quality of the restaurant services and uniqueness on the design. We have made the brand’s spirit more suitable for the summer session as we are familiar therewith because of the luxury restaurant design projects we have previously carried out for Hakkasan. We have adapted the modernized traditionalism perception of the restaurant to Bodrum through the design. This project that we have carried out for Hakkasan Bodrum in touch with nature, located between the sea and the mountains, has become one of the significant examples of luxury interior design in Turkey.

Harmony between Hakkasan and Bodrum for Designing Luxury Restaurant

We have created a special concept design for this restaurant in order to make the restaurant’s architectural design a part of the service offered by Hakkasan for its customers from all over the world. In this concept, in order to properly apply our experience and know-how in this area, we have given particular importance to the traditional patterns that represent the corporate identity of Hakkasan, specially chosen lightning materials, wine cellars and artworks. The iconic furniture of this chain of restaurants has been specially adapted for Hakkasan Bodrum. In order to allow the customers to access, with a single look, the centuries-old heritage of the Chinese cuisine, the mobile furniture has been manufactured and assembled considering the location’s requirements in line with our talks with the brand’s representatives. The luxury restaurant design and fit-out in the bar section of Hakkasan Bodrum have been inspired by the brand’s patterns. A shell of blue glass and metal has been used to get adapted to the elegant and comfortable ambience of Bodrum. And the wine cellar has become one of the significant parts of the restaurant. We hope that the wine cellar is designed with shelves consisting of a combination of plexiglass and light in order to highlight the wines selected with care in harmony with the menu and the location’s quality will be one of the favourite points of the guests at the restaurant.

A Whole Experience to be Remembered Hakkasan Bodrum

We have mostly used wooden materials so that Hakkasan on the seaside behind the mountains could be in harmony with the area it is located. This preference has been supported by metal parts. The ambience created in this manner makes the moments spent at Hakkasan more valuable for the guests. The broad and integrated, fluent design at the entrance indicating what the guests will experience at the restaurant, the lighting applications at the bar section that do not strain the eyes, and the areas generously offered, special dining areas divided by separators made of plants and woody materials, and the large and spacious areas will make Bodrum Hakkasan one of the iconic locations in Bodrum. Please click to get further information and details on the project.