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During the pandemic, the traditional sense of office work was replaced by working at home for many of us. But can our homes become new offices that are completely unique to us? At this point, we would like to share an insight from our own institution:

Working from home reduces performance in the long run

When this whole process began, at first, we saw a significant increase in the efficiency of our team, in the short term. Dynamics such as innovation, flexibility, a different working experience had a positive impact on their motivation. But as the process got longer, we discovered that working individually at home negatively impacted productivity. In other words, flexible working had a positive impact on their performance, while the isolation that they had experienced had reduced their efficiency.

But why?

According to the research, leaving home and going to a different place for work increases motivation. At the same time, seeing the same faces in the workplace every day improves both business relationships and creates a sense of belonging. On the other hand, the flexibility provided to the employees also to feel a belonging to the business. All this data brings us to the next generation of collaborative working areas.

How will the co-working office design of the future be?

As an architecture firm, we had the chance to design independent working spaces such as Kolektif House Ataşehir and Facebook Hub projects, which are the point of attraction, especially for Generation Z.

Flexibility in high-end office design

Flexibility is the keyword for the high-end office design of zeitgeist. Areas of work which can be adapted according to the different number of people, multi-purpose assembly areas, recreational spaces which are suitable for resting, working and networking, compartments to allow privacy, preferences of materials and electric/mechanical infrastructure which will allow this kind of flexibility will become dominant. Modern interior design gives us various options that we can get creative and come up with the best design that fits the needs of our customers. Automation systems will be integrated into new high-end office designs. Users of the space will be able to do many things automatically, from the moment they enter the venue until they exit. We will see the effective use of new technologies and artificial intelligence.

Pandemic-Resistant Offices in High-End Office Design

Another issue is how the protection against pandemics in offices will be. As the use of contactless technologies in offices is on the rise, we will also often encounter the use of wide doors that allow employees to socially distance themselves. At the same time, employee areas will be separated from each other via transparent and smooth separators. This will ensure the necessary measures which are taken in terms of health and hygiene, as well as providing employees with an independent space for them to be able to work individually. In summary, be prepared to enjoy a collective understanding of work that respects the personal space and one's uniqueness. And for the interior design companies such as us, it is time for the ultimate creativity.