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As YOO Architecture, we have realized many retail, cafe and restaurant interior design projects in this region in recent years. One of them was Orange Bed&Bath, which we designed 8 of its stores. Our aim is to design 40 stores in 2 years. The brand, which is the sector leader of the region, manufactures mattresses and bathroom textiles.

What was wanted from us in this store design? 

What they expected from us was to reflect the orange color in their logos and names to the space while transforming the store into an experience, thus ensuring that the venue sustains customer loyalty and brand recognition. In doing so, the brand wanted to showcase all its products also. The client did not want the basic elements of the store's previous design to change, but also requested a visionary new shop store design which will not easily go obsolete. No earlier than 20 years at least. As an interior design company with many years of experience in retail design, we always put the needs of our customers first and come up with a creative and functional design that is satisfying for them as well as us.

What kind of hardships during this retail design did we encounter? 

Orange, which is a rather ambitious color, had a stimulating, energizing, mobilizing effect when used in any space. Since this color was usually preferred in hardware stores, it should be used more elegantly. The guests of the store should be greeted with a calm atmosphere in this store, where products used for sleeping and bathing purposes are offered for sale. So, creating this store design all these aspects were taken into consideration. However, the fact that the brand wanted to showcase all of its products did not fit into this calming perception that we wanted to create. How would it be possible to experience the venue almost like a SPA centre while exhibiting a large number of objects? Finally, these 8 stores, located within different shopping malls, should all be unique and all in a consistent visual design while also complying to the rules and regulations that malls set for the store design. But how?

What did we do for this shop design? 

We have created tens of special small chambers to prevent the guests from getting lost in a large area where all the products are displayed. Here they will feel themselves right at home as they can experience what products look and feel like. Because our target audience was women from the upper and middle socio-economic classes, we knew that they wanted to imagine how the products would look in their own houses. We also paid attention to reflect the privacy of places such as bedrooms and bathrooms by providing some isolation in separate chambers. While working on a retail design project, being creative and coming up with solutions that fit the uniqueness of the space is what makes the design stand out. In order to keep the perception of brand in the right place, we have chosen to be lean and use orange color locally in remarkable spots instead of spreading it all over the place. Our entire team is working with great enthusiasm for projects that are currently in the design phase and focusing on perfecting the experiences we will create, regardless of the challenges of the period we are currently going through. We are pleased to see that another unique store design will soon finds itself in the world.