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The Pantone Color Institute announces the colors every year, which will set the trends for the next period. These colors affect and shape a wide spectrum from fashion to architecture. The colors for this year have been announced after the New York Fashion Week that took place in recent days. The guidance published as the Fashion Color Trend Report for 2020 highlights ten colors and, the five classic starting points of these colors.

Association between Designs and Colors

In addition to the trends set by manufacturers, creators and interior architects, the culture and agenda also affect the choice of colors. These colors will take effect not only in fashion design and every ads we will due for one year but also in the interior design in Turkey and the world in the long term. The most important factor considered when choosing the colors for 2022: what was felt and experienced in the era after COVID. Prioritizing the certain themes such as the beginning of the new era, going outside after a long time spent at home, and feeling better and alive, the Pantone Color Institute has identified the following keywords for the colors of this year: bright, entertaining and optimistic.

Where Will We See the Pantone Colors for 2022?

PANTONE 14-5713 - Cascade

Cleaning has been a factor that we have been mindful of and that has affected us the most both in our homes and in the places we have visited during the last two years. This Cascade color refers to cleaning.

PANTONE 16-1349 - Coral Rose

This vivid tone that gives us energy and that makes us hold on to the life will allow us to get rid of indolence, and return to the old, fast-paced days. Since no one will want to return to the boring, grey offices after the pandemic, the vivid and highlighting flowery colors used in the office designs will bring energy to the offices.

PANTONE 18-4143 - Super Sonic

As an intense color, “Super Sonic” may occasionally come into prominence on display windows in company with creative actions for luxury store designs during the winter months.

PANTONE 12-0825- Popcorn and PANTONE 15-0549 - Fragile Sprout

Use of the color “Popcorn” that embraces everybody in its bright and optimistic tone with the color “Fresh Sprout” in its sharp and acidic tone would create an eye-catching duality in particular for café designs.

PANTONE 13-2004 - Potpourri

This pastel pink “Potpourri” as the saver of this year will be used on the details of the modern interior design bringing diversity to the color palettes of the location.

PANTONE 17-1928 - Bubblegum

This amusing color reminding of the old days triggers the urge to play games, and thus it may be used to highlight the featured products in the luxury clothing stores design in particular for the luxury retail industry.

PANTONE 14-3612 - Orchid Bloom

After the pandemic process during which we have become aware of the importance of ecological balance, the floral colors that remind us of nature seem to continue unburdening our hearts.

PANTONE 18-1160 - Sudan Brown

The color Sudan Brown which is tailor-made for outdoor locations contains the earth tones referring to the Mother Nature. Since it is a calm and peaceful color, it will become a color that is to be used in hotel interior decoration.

PANTONE 18-1307 - Coffee Quartz

This color containing the classic and charming tones of brown will create a cosy environment in coffee shops and cafés, being one of the biggest supporters of the interior architecture design.