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Lifetime of YOO

İstanbul has always been vital for architecture. Every civilization, empire, and republic have left marks with buildings they made. It always been a mystique atmosphere because of significant architectural entities. The architecture contains history from Byzantine, Ottoman, Genoese or modern Turkish societies. In a city like this, architecture firms in İstanbul are under the impression of this mixed culture and historical legacy. YOO Architecture, by Mimar Holding, is an architectural design and interior contract company based in Istanbul, Turkey and was established in 2007. Like every other Mimar Holding companies, we aim to provide what the sector needs.

What does YOO do?

We are one of the top interior design companies in İstanbul. We collaborate with luxury brands as our clients, and add a new dimension to luxury interior design in Turkey. Although located in Istanbul, we are developing various projects worldwide. Our firm has four scopes fundamentally, which are food & beverage, hotel, retail and office. In all categories, our company applies architectural solution about design based on general contract or design&general contract. Globalizing our experiences that we gained in Turkey and getting inspiration from it makes us a leading company in architectural design.

How does YOO do?

In the beginning, fit-out was our primary field of study, then as time progressed we have improved and started collaborating with customers who work in global field and lead the retail sector, besides retail, many hotels, food & beverage, and office projects working with the most prominent clients as an interior design company in Istanbul. In architecture, picking perfect components for places, creating projects fit for the client's intentions and working areas, time management and sustainable components are as critical as whom you work with. We care about supplying local, environment conscious material like wood or marble, following the latest design trends, transforming places for variable purposes, and creating living places. Because we believe in creating values while considering details throughout.

The Crew

The Mimar Holding team, consisting of more than 450 employees in different countries, has successfully completed work of 550,000 m2 with the YOO team, which is a part of it.. YOO has a team of visionary and creative architects who all have considerable college degrees and work experience that also participated in various distinguished architectural projects in their careers . We will undoubtedly show our crucial position in the global architecture sector as an architectural and interior design company in the global area year after year.