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Target of Modern Interior Design

We remember and understand a space to the extent that we feel it, irrespective of how we see it. An interior design should be enriched by some details such as furniture suitable for the concept; lighting enhancing the customer experience; and use of color palette considering the brand identity. In this way, the design makes the space competent to express itself. Interior design offices consider artworks in projects. Works of art to be used in a modern interior design defines the motto of the space and the brand, by bringing vitality. When selecting a work of art for this purpose, certain aspects are considered such as an art piece focusing on a specific place of the space or spreading throughout it, the visual power of the art piece, and the harmony of the work of art with the concept in the space.

A Painting, a Trinket or a Carpet

A modern interior design makes it possible that a communication is established between the potential customer and the space which used for social, cultural, working purposes or as a house temporarily. Thus, importance of the place of a work of art in interior architecture is uncontradictable. A work of art used for this purpose should be integrated with the space and, deepen the ambiance therein. These works of art address the concept and physical characteristics of the space and, the perception aimed to be created. Although the first thing that may come to mind about a work of art used in interior architecture would be paintings from the renaissance period, it is possible and reasonable to use even a trinket, a painting, a carpet and a piece of fabric used on the table legs, a chandelier or window sash. A work of art that highlights the creative identity of a brand creates moments to be remembered on the memory of customers. Triggering the sense of wonder of the customers, it deepens the experience. Use of the combination of modern works of art and those from the past and use of different types of works of art in more than one place of the space keep the attention of the customers, and become one of the reasons for them to visit that space again.

A Work of Art Becoming the Design Itself

These works of art with the power to reshape a space may sometimes become one of the fundamental elements of the space. That “painting” in your favorite restaurant where you love eating is a result of luxury restaurant design, and that “sculpture” in your favorite store where you love shopping strengthen the tie between you and the brand and a part of high-end retail design. Art is a type of communication for emotions and thoughts. Being aware of this fact, we at YOO Architecture create social-shared spaces at the four sectors we operate (F&B, hotels, retail, offices). Visitors from different target groups come to these spaces and have different experiences in these spaces we have created. Addressing everyone in our target groups so that each customer feels comfortable and happy in all the projects we have created, we make efforts to ensure that our customers feel special and well at the concept of the space in which they are present.