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Ioki on the Beach is considered one of the most exciting projects in 2021, located in Bodrum with a dual concept consisting of a restaurant and a bar as a representative of the Japanese Cuisine. Located at the Mandarin Oriental Bodrum in a 350 sqm area, Ioki on the Beach was designed and constructed by YOO Architecture. This restaurant intended to meet the need at the hotel for the Japanese Cuisine serves at both the restaurant section and the bar section. It has become an exciting point for the guests thanks to the re-functionalized and re-interpreted modern interior design, the harmony with the location and, the scene it offers.

Modern Version of the Japanese Culture and Architecture

The Japanese Culture is one of the oldest and longest-established cultures in history. That being the case, this culture's cuisine, art, and architecture have become unique and authentic in time. Contrary to popular belief, such a deep-rooted architectural and aesthetic approach is open to innovations and differences. All the added changes have enriched this culture and reinforced the characteristics of this aesthetical approach. Ioki on the Beach reflects the modernized version of Japanese culture and architecture. The calmness of the Far Eastern culture was enlivened and updated for both Bodrum and Ioki on the Beach itself. The location-specific design and implementation were created to make the location much more dynamic and energetic. The use of movable furniture specially designed for the usage area of the place with a half-open canopied structure has created the location spacious and comfortable. All the movable furniture used at the location have been designed for the area as custom made. Although there are so many colourful areas for use in the restaurant design, a contrast was achieved between the straw and wooden components and these colourful areas since it is also frequently preferred during the summertime. A perfect harmony has been achieved using fabrics, straws and natural stones together, each of which seems an object of a different restaurant decoration. In this way, nothing would be considered an extravagance, although the restaurant design is colourful.

Supplementary in Details

The first aspect that attracts attention in the high-end restaurant design, which is plain and self-explanatory, is the transition areas. On the transitions from the bar to the restaurant, plants selected as inspired by the Japanese forests and canopies specially designed for the restaurant have been used. Wooden and straw materials have been preferred for the lightings, and the areas that join the bar with the restaurant, the floors, and the furniture, while colourful objects have been selected for the accessories to bring some liveliness and, remind the energetic spirit of Bodrum. The iconic objects inspired by the Edo Era take an important place in Japan's history, which lasted about 200 years. Additionally, Kanji (Japanese calligraphy) has brought the restaurant interior design to another level. To get more information about Ioki on the Beach that makes a difference and offers a unique experience through its concept, design, coastal location and spirit: link