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YOO - Makes Guests Feel At Home -Kewyord- What would we remember about after leaving a restaurant? Which feelings would accompany us in this experience? The presentation of a dish is as important as its taste at a fine-dining restaurant because of the association of this experience with the feelings. A delicious dish could not be the only reason by itself to revisit a restaurant. There are feelings that a restaurant wishes to trigger in the visitors. These feelings depend not only on the restaurant's concept and what is presented on the menu but also on the restaurant interior design. The visitors feel at home when they are at a restaurant does not only mean that the restaurant decoration is privileged. The feeling of elegance must be felt in every place of the restaurant. It takes three stages at the design of a restaurant bar to convey this feeling to the visitors.

An Interrupted Journey from the Kitchen to the Table

A person to go a restaurant is not only to have something to eat. Getting socialised, participating in a meeting, or celebrating something is sometimes more important than eating. Therefore, it is essential to create a language in the design that addresses every purpose. The starting point of a design language to make the visitors feel at home should be 'like home'. An open kitchen plan establishes a psychological link between the location and the dining room at home. Seeing when they work in the kitchen, feeling the smell of the food and, hearing the sounds from the open kitchen affect the behaviours of the guests and what they would remember about the restaurant. (Allen, March 22, 1993)

Telling the Story of the Restaurant

Every corner of your home is filled with memories, sounds and those reminding us of these memories. Therefore, each house has its characteristics. A restaurant that creates this characteristic with its architectural design ensures that the visitors perceive the place as a whole with all the details therein. All the details created starting from the menu, and the restaurant's concept tells the story of the restaurant decoration. From the use of the colours of the country's flag everywhere of an Italian restaurant without making it an eyesore to the wall arts where objects from different cultures are used in a fusion kitchen, all the factors elaborate this story.

Visitors feel much better in a location with their spirit and may see this area as a 'safe place" for themselves. The use of some custom-made design objects in the design that are peculiar to that restaurant may increase the chance that the visitors remember it and thus wish to revisit it. For example, the concepts specially prepared by YOO Architecture for Nobu Istanbul offer important details on the strong background of the location.

Mathematics of the Design

The distance in a restaurant interior design is identified according to the concept and physical facilities of the restaurant. To make the guests feel at home, first of all, the standards in respect of distance concerning the comfort zone must be set and then complied with. The arrangement of the tables, the distance between them, the layout such as seating arrangement should comply with the distance borders: private spaces (0-18 inches), personal spaces (18-48 inches), social distances (1,3m - 3,6m), public distances (+3,6m). Otherwise, the guests would get annoyed and uncomfortable with close or careless arrangements. Too many distances would be compelling since they would feel the lack of communication between them and access to the food. To have a look at the restaurant projects completed by YOO Architecture: