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Behind the success of many nightclubs is a well-designed and located bar. The more easily accessible and attention-grabbing Bar, the more time guests want to spend there. Moreover, keeping the bar space spacious and the main focus of the venue allows lesser employment requirements as guests have to come to this area to buy their drinks. Therefore, the whole process proceeds in self-service manner. In nightclubs another important point is the restrooms, where women often freshen up their makeup. The way to prevent queues forming for restrooms is to open up a large space for makeup and socializing. For this space to be easily accessible and secure is also important. When it comes to the dance floor, anti-slip flooring is the most important aspect. Also, this area should be easily visible from every point of the nightclub. If there is going to be an additional stage, it has to have flanks to regulate the traffic. It is also important that the stage can be used in reverse and the artists who use this space are comfortable. So as an architecture firm, these were the most important issues in our minds when designing Salon Angie, located in Bebek.

What was requested from us in this luxury interior design?

Creating a venue that fits the brand's image. Salon Angie was to be brought to life as a venue of entertainment in a home setting, unlike a classic nightclub.

What difficulties did we encounter throughout this interior design process?

The focal point of this high-end nightclub design project was the artwork behind the bar, which was the most challenging aspect of the whole project. A special mock-up work was done for this area. Inspired by the painting integrated with the Angie brand, the large metal artwork in the shape of a hand-held fan has become a remarkable element in front of the rustic mirror. Another challenge was the time limit. We had to be fast, agile, and practical both in terms of design and implementation. Fortunately, we overcame this hardship with an effective teamwork.

What did we do as an interior designer?

Firstly, we went after brand-specific design elements. We decided to create a 70s atmosphere in the venue. We used curtains of remarkable colours to provide the necessary acoustics on the stage and create a cosy environment in a space with a fairly high ceiling. The supervision of furniture selection was also carried out by Yoo Architecture, apart from the design and implementation processes. As an architecture firm with a vast number of successful interior design projects, we always feel content and honoured when we create a unique atmosphere that satisfies our clients and their future customers.