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In July 2019, we received an invitation from USA to be a part of a very special and prestigious project which is a unique luxury restaurant fit-out for Japanese Restaurant SHŌTŌ. Undoubtedly, the project, which contained so many challenges such as location, many participants from different countries, project details, special materials and installation techniques, excited us in every detail. The restaurant, which has 540 square meter footage and 200 people capacity, located in the heart of Washington DC, just two blocks away from the White House.

With years of experience in modern interior design we know that the involvement of different teams from different regions of the world in the project required a splendid coordination. The design of the restaurant belongs to a Tokyo-Japan based designer of many significant Japanese restaurants all around the world Studio Glitt, with which we had an opportunity to work together in the past for Zuma Istanbul project. The use of natural materials such as stone and wood are the sign features of Japanese architecture, constitute the main structure of this Project, as well.

The Kick Start of A Luxury Restaurant Fit-out

The production of all finish works done by the BWI team in Dubai. Prior to starting construction, Studio Glitt and our team visited Dubai many times and completed shop drawing and material approval processes within couple of months. All lighting fixtures supplied from Dubai, as well, therefore we had chance to check every single fixture detail with the design team.

BWI team made some mock-ups for the big features in the project such as wine cellar, wooden ceiling and furniture. Although a large part of finish materials was manufactured in Dubai, there were also some special materials supplied from Japan and Turkey. Especially handmade ceramics for wall claddings and sinks were supplied from Japan for the unique touches. On the other hand, the natural pumice stones of decorative feature for the ceiling were supplied from Turkey’s volcanic lands, thence the residual materials were re-functionalized.

Working Internationally In A High End Restaurant Fit-out Project

As an architecture firm in Istanbul we have completed numerous international projects successfully and come to the conclusion that with accurate planning, collaborative workflows and precise coordination in every step of the way there is nothing you can’t overcome.

While the process of material production and the whole project were perpetuating, we improved our knowledge in regard to the US local construction rules and regulations. We enabled everyone to meet at the same page, which was the most important stage of the project, by coordinating the drawings of the project between the design team, the production team and the local architect. We realized knowing the local rules and regulations where the project is located, is as important as the detail drawings. Therefore, we determined the advantages disadvantages of the region and developed our construction strategy accordingly covering all the essential requirements in an international luxury restaurant fit-out project.

Of course, while doing this coordination, different time zones in different places where we lived enabled us to continue the project without sleeping! We may call it, where we made progress by working from different parts of the world, the project where the sun never went down. When the construction phase started, a part of our team settled in the USA and coordinated all the infrastructure, electrical and mechanical works with local contractor.

The Finishing Touches of This International Luxury Restaurant Fit-out

When we came to the final and most crucial phase, our sister company Arcoglobal made a great job in a very limited time frame. Installation team flew from Istanbul to DC as a big crew and we completed all finish Works installation with 20 people in 1 month by working 7 days in a week, at least 12 hours in a day. As a team, we worked meticulously to complete all the details of the project in the most possible successful way

We believe that people who love their job and work with discipline will be successful wherever they are in the world, and we do always complete our projects with this motivation. Thanks to our good team, we learned a lot and had a lot of fun besides having difficulties in this adventure where working turned into fun. Despite all the setbacks in this difficult period all around the World, we look forward to the see grand opening of this special restaurant in this coming spring, 2021 and we wish this project shed light on us from the capital of the United States. We are glad to have this experience added to our portfolio in high end restaurant fit-out.