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The Story of The Souffle

It is a story of a delicacy that began in 1650 with the discovery of the egg-whipping device. Yes, we are talking about the souffle. In 1742, a chef named Vincent La Chapelle created a recipe he called “omelet souffle”. This recipe, which has veal, lemon peels and sugar in it, is quite different from today's souffle. In 1783, Antoine Beauvilliers made the move, after which he would be referred to in the future as the "inventor of the souffle". He added many different varieties of souffles into the menu of the restaurant Grande Taverne de Londres in Paris. Many years later, a great interest in souffle began in the Middle East. As every corner was taken by souffle sellers, we could no longer resist the delicious smell that came to our noses, and we ended up in Riyadh. We undertook the concept design of So Souffle, a cafe chain with close to twenty branches in London and Riyadh. During this f&b design of the two branches, which we carried out in a row, we took care not to divide the space by opting for mezzanine floors and to provide guests with the opportunity to see the cafe from different angles.

What was requested from us in this f&b design project?

The brand wanted an innovative and creative design that expressed itself and would attract the attention of its target audience. In this cafe design, the goal was to create an inviting and modern atmosphere that would attract the attention of guests of all ages who are passing through the street.

What difficulties did we encounter during this f&b design project?

The process of receiving the mummified plants, which we planned to use in the project, with the necessary permits to Arabia, was the most difficult part of the job. However, our team successfully implemented this idea with good planning and determination.

What did we do throughout this interior design project?

We set out with the colours and definitions that represent the brand. We divided souffle into its elements and reflected every feature of the brand in the design. In doing so, we aimed to ensure permeability by eliminating indoor and outdoor separation. We decided for the language of the project to be quite simple. We have done this using mesh panels, ensuring integrity both on the facade and on the walls. With a bar design that stands out in this simplicity, we made this space the focal point of the venue. The current store had a narrow and long plan. By making visual partitions with different materials, colours, and textures, we have turned the disadvantage in the plan into an advantage. We did a partial stationary and mobile furniture mock-up in this cafe design.

Innovative Approaches in modern interior design

In Riyadh, smoking is still allowed in venues. We did something new and created a non-smoking section for non-smokers. In addition, the country is a place where men and women have just begun to socialize in common areas. In So Souffle, we have created shared spaces for both male and female guests to eliminate this distinction. With these and other similar aspects, we hope that So Souffle will lead the way for other new venues in Riyadh as an outstanding example of a f&b design project.

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