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YOO Mimarlık Eklektik Mimari Tasarıml

The meaning of the word eclecticism is “selective”. It means a system that is created by combining more than one factors, each of which is pertaining to another system and has a meaning by itself therein. This architectural approach that is composed of contrariety and diversity is called eclectic architecture. The eclectic design emerged during the 19th and 20th centuries, when the world was reacting to change in the quickest way, by joining two different visions: America and Europe. It is possible to see this movement, where two or more architectural styles are blended, everywhere from hotels to retail store design. We are intrigued to a painting with a feel of art deco in a room decorated with a minimalist approach, and some stone objects reminding of the traditional Scandinavian art in a composition made with patterns inspired from Asia, which makes us think of that location. An eclectic design makes us ask the following questions: “What has gathered these differences together? “Why have been these specific cultures or movements selected?“, “Has this architectural attempt brought a difference to the location?”.

Creating a Double Ambience in Restaurant And Café Interior Designs

Integrity of the decoration in itself is as important as the harmony that appears by creating different tastes in the menu of a restaurant or café. The best way to express what the owner of a location wants to reflect to the visitors and make them feel is the restaurant decoration. Since cafes and restaurants are recently intended to offer facilities for shopping and office works in addition to their main purposes, it has become inevitable to bring an eclectic design to these locations. An ambiance created by the contrast between colorful furniture that bring vitality and dark colored tables that bring seriousness makes one feel the harmony of the forms that are different from each other. A hallway that is dimly lit making the guests feel home in contradiction with the charming, bold design at the entrance of a café or restaurant creates an eclectic composition in terms of use although they are different from each other.

Harmony in Hotel Interior Decoration 

A luxury hotel promises a life experience and true story to the guests. Light and pastel tones and, maybe some exotic and ethnic decorative elements are preferred in order to sustain this promise in a hotel established in a historical structure, while an eclectic harmony is attained without creating a chaos in a hotel constructed based on an inspiration from contemporary movements by means of using baroque-like designs, intense and dark colors. A hotel decorated with this style offers a comfortable and extraordinary experience and conveys the original spirit of the hotel through these themes. Use of polymorphous styles in the design of the elements defining the hotel design such as the purpose of accommodation at the hotel, the length of stays of the guests will result in the guests remembering their experience also visually. Guests will remain being under the influence of these eclectic hotel designs that establish a connection between the different aspects, times and ideas, both during their stays at the hotel.

Feasibility of an Eclectic Design 

The eclectic design has been used in architectural designs by means of getting adapted to the spirit of the time since the 19th century, when it appeared. This movement that performs a functional duty for architectural designs will continue to be preferred more frequently in the today’s world, where all the trends change at a great pace.