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Welcome to The House of Inönü designed by Rüknettin Güney whom had significant contributions to Early Republic Period architecture history and modernisation of Istanbul. We are proud of working at this historical building. We highly believe in that our work environment inspires YOO people and our guests. When we moved in the year 2018 to this unique home, we started to call our office as a second home. We gave name our meeting rooms referring to the area of usage in the past as library room, grand dining room and terrace room. We have a pleasure to host the work of arts which belongs to very well-known artists from Turkey.


Design is a journey. We create new journies through our creative design team.

Our family expanding day by day with new members. We are a big team with 70 members consist of 40 architects interior designers and engineers. We have other departments such as Business Development, Corporate Communication, Offer & Procurement and Administrative Affairs


Being together, sharing our experiences, creating a YOO work-life culture is the crucial needs of office life. YOO Events also help us to know each other better and improve the co-working process. Our lounge, meeting rooms and garden are the social heart of our studio. We love using our office for events and gatherings.


We care about the future of the world as a YOO Architecture office. Eco-friendly working environment matters to us. We cultivate our garden by ourselves. We share our herbs and vegetables with our guests at our meetings. We have a team consist of mentor and volunteers who are responsible for our garden. We do our best!.


We love learning and updating ourselves. New material trends, sustainable materials, multidisciplinary solutions come to life when we meet with material producers. Feeling the texture is a vital milestone to learn new material, so we started “YOO Wednesday Material Sessions” meetings at our studio. Wednesday sessions also turn into learning academia for our intern training programme.

Be a part of this amazing team!