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The circular economy has begun to find its place in every aspect of our lives. In different parts of the world, countries are striving to reduce or even nullify their carbon footprints. With the Paris Agreement (UNFCCC), which was adopted by 196 Parties on 12 December 2015, measures have been taken on a global scale. The goal is to keep temperatures rising with climate change below the critical threshold of 2 degrees. The way to do this is to change many of our habits, from our production patterns to our way of life.

To Adopt A Sustainable Architecture Approach in High-End Contract

Sustainability-based projects are also proliferating rapidly in architecture. So, what is sustainable architecture? It is a method, that aims to create healthy living spaces for people, which tries to carry out the design and construction process with minimal damage to nature and tries to use the least energy and human resources while doing that. Every stage is important, from construction material to construction method. The design should be based on the life cycle of the building. The vision of consuming resources at minimum and using as much renewable resources as possible is at the heart of sustainable architecture. This type of architecture is also referred to as "green architecture" or "environmental architecture". As an architecture firm in Istanbul, we adopt a sustainable and environmentally conscious approach in all our projects. One of the projects that exemplifies sustainable architecture in our country is Tekfen FNN Sustainability Center which was built in Adana. The structure whose design belongs to Acararch architect Emre Acar, was constructed by YOO Architecture, as the general contractor, within Tekfen Construction South Anatolian Facilities.

A High-End Contract Receiving Leed Platinum Certificate Award

The entire exterior of the building is covered with steel-perforated cladding and has the appearance of a steel fortress. From the outside, the building looks like it is wrapped in a steel shell, but it also has a green roof and a garden indoors with resting areas, providing breathing space for employees. The Office, whose exterior is made of aluminium cladding facade and whose carrier structure consists of steel construction, includes the exhibition section, which displays the first construction vehicles within Tekfen GAT and reflects the history of Tekfen. In addition, it consists of a reinforced concrete building with a conference hall for 100 people, an archive section with a space cage roof, system rooms and electromechanical checkpoints. In terms of features, the building, which has its unique structure, is designed to receive LEED Platinum certification and all products used are selected according to these standards. As the general contractor of this project and as an architecture firm extremely mindful about sustainability, clean sources and environmental impact this certification made us proud.