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5 Factors Determining the Time Spent at a Restaurant

What if we tell you that the time you will spend at a restaurant is determined even before you step in? Is it destiny? No, it is not. The decisions made about modern interior design determine the time you will spend at a location. Here are the 5 factors that determine your pace of eating at a restaurant:

Ambience: A research carried out in 2009 suggests that there are four principles concerning customer satisfaction at luxury F&B locations: product, service, ambiance and price. Out of these factors, the ambiance is determined by the decisions made about modern interior architecture. The ambiance is affected by many variables such as ceiling height, furniture chosen, materials preferred for floors, lighting, wall colors, comfort of the seating areas etc.

High-end restaurant design or luxury F&B design will directly affect the level of the location on the customers whether positively or negatively. To keep the existing customer satisfaction, the spirit of the restaurant or café should be maintained, while the indoor design should be innovative and renewed in time.

Restaurant Layout Plan: A restaurant layout plan is drawn depending on the concept and size of the restaurant. A layout plan, in which no one contacts one another and feels claustrophobic during peak times, has been a trend during recent years. This plan varies depending on the characteristics of the location. For instance, the area per person is 20 m2 at a fine-dining restaurant, while it may be about 10 m2 at a restaurant, where fast service is offered and there is a higher circulation of customers.

Plants: A plant is supplemental to a location. The live plants and the color green thereof make the design more sincere and, ensure that the customers feel comfortable and wish to spend more time at the location.

Odor: One of the most significant elements of a place is the smell. For instance, the smell of freshly grounded coffee in a cafe can be the invisible hero of the design. Following the determination of the concept, the scent elements such as menu, colour, furniture, plant, and music preference should be used in a way that contributes to the experience of the guests. It has been observed that an odor suitable for the location could extend the possibility of purchase by 6% and, the time spent by the customers at the location by 15.9%. The odor should be integrated with the spirit of the location. For instance, wooden furniture is mainly preferred in a luxury café design to accommodate the smell of coffee.

More Area to Get Socialized: The requests from a customer for not only better food and coffee, but also for an opportunity to get socialized determine the preferences of cafés and restaurants. The creation of such areas where the customers could get socialized with one another is one of the ways of cafés for the gamification of customer experience. It is critical to determine the time the customers will spend in these socialization areas. For instance, if it is aimed that the customers stay at a café for an extended period of time, the layout would be that the customers are seated face-to-face on a four-person table, i.e. 2 chairs at one side and, 2 chairs on the opposite side; and if it aimed that the customers stay at a café for a less period of time, then the layout would be that one chair is located on each side of the table.

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