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From İnönü House to Interior Design Office and General Contractor in Istanbul

The second president and the first prime minister of the Republic of Turkey and War of Independence medal holder İsmet İnönü demanded this house to be built for his sons to live in. The building was used as a meeting space by İsmet İnönü while he was in İstanbul with his political guests such as the German Prime Minister Konrad Adenauer. Ömer İnönü and his family lived there from 1951 until 2004. Since then, İnönü House is one of the grade 2 listed buildings by the Mayor of İstanbul, and by the year 2018, it has been transformed into our office. The building was built by Rüknettin Güney, who has a remarkable place in the history of Turkish architecture in the Republic period and was called the “Chief architect of the city” built the İnönü House, one of his most important works among others and situated his work to closer to works such as the Marmara Hotel, Beyoğlu Registery Office and Kadıköy Community Center. Rüknettin Günay sourced panelling from Sweden and blinds from Milan to create this gorgeous 568 sqm house.

What we applied as a general contractor in Istanbul?

During this process, we always have set the priority of preserving the historic structure. The whole work was an architecturally unique experience for our team. We took advantage of the situation as a crew full of architectures and engineers and have taken the first and robust structure as the basis while the rooms were converted into meeting rooms and the halls transformed into working and creativity areas. We had targeted to gain a modern vision while preserving the old structure in the role of the interior design office. İsmet İnönü’s sons say that it is still possible to hear the stairs' old creak. The ivy had been preserved and continues to be the most beautiful spot in the house. It shows that we achieved our goal, making a new atmosphere while protecting the cultural and historical spirit of İnönü House.

Reshaping İnönü House as the interior design company in Istanbul

When İnönü House was restructured as YOO Architecture Office as an interior design office and general contractor in Turkey, we added something from ourselves, our vision and vitality with the changes with our finishing touches. We aimed to gather artists and architectures in our office, so Seçkin Pirim’s artworks, which visualize unplanned urbanization, have been placed on all the walls of 2nd floor. Besides that, the meeting room is a sort of an exhibition area by itself with fascinating tables in it. İnönü House resides in one of İstanbul’s well-known, outstanding spot with all of its protected historical legacy and new dynamism. It is a belief that creative ideas come out from creative places full of bright minds. İnönü House is where we create our best and visionary ideas for our clients, and it will continue to give inspiration from its historical energy amidst the gist of architectural character.