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Shopping habits after the pandemic

The pandemic has changed many things in the world from socialization areas to shopping habits. During this period, through which people kept themselves physically away from one another, digital resources used for shopping have increased in value while physical activities have been adapted to the current conditions. Luxury retail design tells a lot about shopping experience, and thus the brands will start focusing on offering more personalized experiences with design after the pandemic. These types of improvements will be about providing customers with convenience, offering more options, improving customer experience and ensuring such shopping experience that would be worth remembering.

Storification and high-end fashion stores

In order to be strengthened in terms of personal experience, a luxury retail store with a history that meets the expectations of its customers has the key players in terms of design: shop windows. As the vision of a luxury brand to open up to the world, a shop's windows is one of the most important factors that attract customers, convincing them to set a foot in as if it's love at first sight. All of the high-end retail fit out applies bases on this. Bags, shoes, ready-to-wear collections, jewellery and watches and then the story starts when a customer sees their reflection on the window under the right lighting. Another important aspect of the shop window for the design of a luxury store is that it creates a harmonization between the street and shopping environment. This is what the design of a store is expected to be occasionally adapted to the current situations whenever a new collection is published, during the transition of seasons and on special days.

Impact of the pandemic on the high-end fashion store design

Social distancing, one of the concepts widely used after the onset of the pandemic, will shape the future of high-end retail fit-out and indoor design. Although we will say goodbye to the warnings for social distance and, to the barriers placed in front of cash registers to which we got used to during the pandemic, a request from customers for a larger area considering the social distance will continue setting the trends for a while. For example, the fact that customers have adopted the social distance warnings has become an advantage for the luxury retail sector and, these borders have become such areas where customers could be offered personal services. Larger changing rooms, opportunities offered in a store to try products making use of augmented reality, cubicles for different product concepts, facilities to try products making use of mobile applications are among such ideas for design and marketing, which will develop even further after the pandemic. There is another design trend that has gained acceleration after the pandemic: “click and collect”. Meaning that a customer could purchase a product through a digital channel and then receive it physically from the store. This concept offers a storified and customized experience for the customer. This luxury retail design is now considered a concept. With this approach, a customer is thought to need artworks, stories about the history of the brand, and quotes from the designers in a store. In a luxury retail store that is now considered a location where customers spend time and get socialized, all the factors in the store from changing rooms to mirrors are considered an aspect of experience forming “a luxury changing room at home”.

YOO Architecture Luxury Retail Sector Projects

We at YOO Architecture work with the stores of leading brands in different locations providing them with great designs in the luxury retail sector. We get involved in the designs of many stores of Beymen in Turkey, a leading brand in the luxury retail sector, and in various projects that require post-modern type of designs such as Network. We implement all the designs we create for luxury retail stores in a way to support the customer experience and strengthen the brand vision during and after the pandemic.